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Supporting the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial activity at CoworkingPlus is a cost-effective marketing opportunity. Our goal is to create sponsorship opportunities that are meaningful to your organization, while bringing tangible and visible value to the Coworking Plus community. We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities and welcome the chance to discuss your goals and tailor a sponsorship package that suits your needs.


Here are a few examples of the sponsorship types available. Please contact us to discuss how you or your company can support coworking in Brattleboro.


Startup Stuff


Two refrigerators. One for food, one for events and beverages. Behold the dry-erase board on the front.


small fridge




Member Management System


Several companies offer coworking space management tools. We know what we want and the pricepoint. These systems alone make billing scores of people every month a breeze. That alone makes a management system a valuable asset.


Security System


Locks that unlock with keys and phones. A camera the sees in the dark. Coworking Plus is a safe and secure environment for our members.


august lock august keypad




Space Improvements


Bookcases, plants, artwork, and other items to help make the space look and feel more inviting.




You can make it possible for deserving students, entrepreneurs, and startups to join the Coworking Plus community and create exciting new businesses.


Space and Services


You can tangibly demonstrate your support for entrepreneurs and small businesses through branded sponsorship of Coworking Plus features or by providing services to our members. Sponsor the printer, our bandwidth, and other essential services used by our members.


Events and Programming


You can enable events—the lifeblood of the Coworking Plus culture. Events include classes, workshops, hackathons and networking meetups—all with a focus on entrepreneurial and creative topics, such as:


  • Business strategy
  • Business management
  • Design Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal productivity
  • Technology development & management

Single event or party


Sponsor an event (light fare and beverages) and receive shout-outs.


Contact Dave Evans to discuss how we can mutually benefit each other during this critical launch period.